Pneumatic Control System
Main Engine Control system for vessels
  • Pneumatic Control Systems are systems that control marine main engines through pneumatics and is a main product of TMC, boasting high reliability and stability thanks to more than 2 decades worth of development and production.
  • MAN type : 50~98 MC/MC-C, 50~90 ME-C / ME-B / ME-GI
  • Win-GD type : RT-flex48T-D~58T-E, X35-B~X92-B, X82-D, X40DF~92DF, X82~92

Air Sppuly Unit


Air Sppuly Unit


Air Inlet Unit

Main Starting Valve (MSV) Unit

Pressure Reducing Unit for Tier lll

Pressure Reducing Unit

Pressure Sensor Unit

Assembly of Pressure Sensors

Starting Panel


Unit Box

Air Receiver