We are TMC
Technology for Maneuvering & Control

Ever since its establishment in 1996, TMC has been leading the domestic areas of Mechatronics, Pneumatics with its excellent products and customer services. Our core value focuses on customer satisfaction and impeccable service.

Over the past years, TMC's skill and technology based on passion and creativity has gained recognition from customers of our main core businesses, which are a variety of control systems for Marine Engines, Robots, Vacuum Pumps, LNG Emergency Blocks, and also thermal or pressure sensors and meters, automotive electronics, electronic measuring equipment, and marine environment products.

We will become a company that stays firm despite all challenges through solid organizational capability and continue to grow into a global company that provides best quality products and services with continuous transformation and a can-do spirit.

World Best Control System

TMC strives to become a globally recognized company in the field of Control Systems.
Members of TMC share the same goals and values in order to become a first class company which enjoys mutual growth with partners and also to become the best leading company in manufacturing industrial Control Systems.World Best Control Systems are born from TMC's continuous R&D and commitment towards product quality.

  • Think TechnologyTechnology-Based

    World Best Control System comes from TMC's continuous R & D and commitment to the best products.

  • Make a Better PlaceShared Growth

    Members of TMC treat each other with respect and contribute towards creating a better society through ethical management and corporate culture.

  • Customer FirstCustomer First

    Our goal is mutual growth with business partners through providing high-quality products that increases customer value.

  • Partners

    TMC introduces and supplies various products of high quality and credibility to the domestic market by partnering up with overseas companies that have abundant supply experience in the ship and shipbuilding industry and also other various industries for a long time.