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CEO Greetings

Welcome to TMC. Since its inception in 1996, TMC has been continuously valuing the best products and services, as well as customer satisfaction, as a leading company in mechanical- and pneumatic-related fields.

TMC has been focusing on its core business that includes diverse control systems, such as marine engine control systems, robot control systems, vacuum pump control systems, and LNG emergency shut-off systems, and temperature and pressure sensors and meters, instrumentation systems, and marine environment products with the unwavering passion and creativity of the entire TMC family for the last 10 years. TMC has been recognized as having the best techniques in the field by its customers.

TMC will become a steady and deep-rooted company with its solid team power that can conquer any difficulties and hardship. We will not be complacent. We will become a global company that provides the best quality and service through continuous change and indomitable spirit.

We possess passion, creativity, and trust. The company practices transparent and responsibility management. As a member of the society, we will fulfill all responsibilities and repay our customers’ support.

Once again, we are deeply grateful for our customers’ support.TMC CEO   Seockbae Park