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The Right People for the Company

  • TMC believes that the source of growth and development for the company comes from human power. As such, TMC values talented people. A person who creates his or her dream and the future of the company with constant challenge and passion in the industrial society of limitless competition is the right person for TAEYANG.
  • A person who makes an effort to achieve the goal of the group with creative ideas and a challenging attitude
  • A person who creates the future through constant education and performance of his or her duty

The Rule of Human Resources

  • Provide equal job opportunities with fairness
  • The right man in the right place in consideration of ability and aptitude
  • Fair and transparent personal management

Hiring Method

  • Open Employment : regular and annual hiring of proper and talented people among prospective graduates
  • Regular Employment : hire the required people as needed by the company’s business

Hiring Process

Hiring Process